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 Traxxas Revo Sway Bars

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URC Apprentice
URC Apprentice

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PostSubject: Traxxas Revo Sway Bars   Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:08 am

Picked mine up tonight at the LHS(Thursday Jan 24th)

Just finished the install.. and im not 100% impressed.

first off.. lets start with the bad..

I have a brand new RD Racing front aluminum, black shock mount.. $16..
yea it wont work with the sway bars. On the stock mount, where the screws come through the bottom of the chassis and up into the mount, there are those 2.. "bubble" like areas where the screws thread into. that are keeps the front sway bars from falling out of the retainer/mount.
you can see what im talking about if u were to compare the 2 mounts together.
the rd racing mount is just flat on the backside of it. there are no humps or the "bubble" things i was talking about.
(if anyone wants a BRAND NEW RD Racing black aluminum front shock mount, PM me)

2nd bad thing.. Maybe i am the only one.. maybe not.. but i can not stand black and white picture instructions. the instructions were half way useless. The words only help you out. forget about trying to see whats in the pictures.

3rd.. the instructions for the rear set up.. kind of confusing.
i drilled a hole in the wrong spot.. didnt mess anything up but i had to go back and re drill on the other end of the rocker where the hole was sopost to be.

They ended up coming together pretty nicely.
you get 2 sets of sway bars in the package, a set for rough tracks and a set for smoothe/easy going tracks

right now i have the ones for rough track conditions installed, why? because i will be racing offraod.. not some whimpy oval racing with a monster truck lol:moon:

another complaint on the rear, if i remember correctly.. the stock screws for the rear rockers. the screws that go through the rocker, and hold the pushrod to the rocker.. i think i remember those being just a tad bit longer then the rocker so a little bit of thread would show.

well im not 100% sure on the stock screws. but i do run a screw kit, the screws for the rear rockers do show a bit of thread after the rocker, and well.. the rear sway bar linkages are so close to the rockers when the suspension is at its best, the linkages get caught on the exposed threads. i had to go in and add washers to both the screws for the rear pushrods. this kept the screws further up in the rocker and didnt allow the threads to show so they couldnt get hung up on the linkages. Another pain in the butt.

i havent ever ran sway bars before, or installed them. But from what i have gone through tonight.. its a 50-50 thing. the sway bars arent worth the install really.. i didnt like it to much. but i got it figured out. Hopefully they will perform nicely and benefit me and my truck.

well...bah blah
enough about the sway bars.
how about some pictures.

the bars look like the black ones.. to much reflection off all my black parts. they are the chrome/silver bars

in this picture, if you look at the bottom half of the right rocker, you can see where i drilled the hole in the wrong spot.

here you can see how close the rocker is to the linkage

the front
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URC Apprentice
URC Apprentice

Posts : 58
Join date : 2008-01-17

PostSubject: Re: Traxxas Revo Sway Bars   Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:08 am

another shot of the rear

and the last picture i took.. a shot at the front
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Traxxas Revo Sway Bars
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